Is retiring at age 60+ a good plan?


“Retirement is one of the most important life events many of us will ever experience. Realizing a comfortable retirement is an incredibly extensive process that takes sensible planning and years of persistence. We will¬†evaluate your situation and determine the best saving and investing plan for you.” said a financial planner. He then brought out a stack of beautiful brochures and continued, “Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, employer-based investment accounts and individualized IRAs are some of the best financial tools available that knowledgeable planners like us offer to all our clients.”¬†In the brochure, the colorful graphs and projected numbers seems to be ever increasing over the next few decades. They do look pretty promising… “Though preparing for the day when you leave your job can be overwhelming, you do not have to do it alone. With the help of a trusted retirement planning consultant like us, you can rest assured that you are making smart decisions for your future.” he added. You may be at various stages of life, but how do you plan for your retirement? Or do you need a … Continue reading