Don’t Discriminate as a Landlord


Nothing can sink your investment earning capacity quicker than being slammed with a discrimination lawsuit. If you are going to be a landlord, you must clearly understand the law and adhere to it strictly. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the Americans Disabilities Act both prohibit discrimination on various classes. A landlord cannot legally discriminate on the basis of color, race, nationality, religion, age, gender or familial status. Disabled people are also protected. A sure way to get “caught” is to place discriminatory statements into advertisements for your property. While you probably already understand that you could not print “Catholics only,” you might not realize that, “walking distance to Catholic church” imparts the same feeling even if you did not intend it to. In fact, it is suggested to avoid using the terms, “walking distance” as that can be misconstrued as discriminating against wheelchair-bound people. Obviously you will see a ton of possibly discriminatory statements as you peruse real estate ads, and this does not mean that each one will be facing a lawsuit or fine. However, it is … Continue reading