Help! My Property Isn’t Selling!


Granted this is a tough time to sell a house, but if yours has been on the market for far longer than you had hoped and longer than others in the neighborhood, perhaps there is an underlying cause. Perhaps there is something you are doing wrong, or not doing that you should do. Here are some helpful tips that may help: Know Your Property Buyers can be turned off when you cannot answer questions about your property. Be prepared to answer questions such as square footage, year built, schools, average utilities, and lot size. Close the Deal Learn to recognize when a prospective buyer indicates they like the property and nudge them to make a decision at that point. Also know when they are already sold and do not keep talking; doing so can talk them right back out of it again. Condition of Property Assess your property’s curb appeal as it relates to others that have sold. What did they have that perhaps you are lacking? A buyer often chooses a home for what they see in the first … Continue reading

Selling at the Best Price


As a seller you obviously want to get the most for your property as you can. While you will be unlikely to garner a great deal more than other properties in your immediate area have fetched, due in part to appraisal methods, there are still some things you can do to ensure the best selling price possible. First Impression First, consider the first impression that a potential buyer faces when viewing your property. That encompasses that which they observe in the first 30 to 60 seconds. Studies have shown that subconsciously a buyer will eliminate a home just that quickly and then it makes no difference what lies beyond that. Therefore, take the time to spruce up your front landscaping, paint that faded planter by the door, repair the weather stripping around the front door, and be sure that first scent inside the door is pleasant. Never let potential buyers enter the home via a dark, bare side door or through the garage unless it is a solid showcase of a garage. Repairs Second, fix every visible problem that you … Continue reading