Home Improvement Guidelines

At a time when there are more homes on the market than buyers, a smart seller realizes that they need to somehow make their home more attractive than others if they are going to get it sold. There are a few words of advice for sellers when it comes to home improvements.

First of all, realize that regardless what improvement you do, it will go over budget. It always seems the case so set your budget but make sure you have 10-20% more available funds to cover overages that may occur. Don’t expect to get a complete return on what you’ve spent as most improvements do not correlate to an increase in value at the same rate as the cost of the improvement. Improvements if done correctly increase the number of interested buyers but not always a higher offer.

Next, understand that in most cases when it comes to purchasing a home, the woman of the family is actually the decision maker. Because of this it is a good idea to let the wife decide which improvements need to be made first. Consider improvements that are simpler and less expensive yet provide dramatic results. A drab room may benefit just as much from a $200 paint job as a $1000 window treatment improvement. Cabinetry in the kitchen and baths can be resurfaced rather than replaced.

Know what is popular with buyers. You may find out that a simple thing like replacing traditional light switches with modern toggle switches is enough to convey a more modern home.

Little things can mean a lot. Although it may be tempting to go whole hog and do a major overhaul, it may not be necessary and can even be detrimental if it improves the home to far above the surrounding homes. When in doubt of how to proceed, consult professionals such as interior designers and real estate agents.