Help! My Property Isn’t Selling!

Granted this is a tough time to sell a house, but if yours has been on the market for far longer than you had hoped and longer than others in the neighborhood, perhaps there is an underlying cause. Perhaps there is something you are doing wrong, or not doing that you should do. Here are some helpful tips that may help:

Know Your Property

Buyers can be turned off when you cannot answer questions about your property. Be prepared to answer questions such as square footage, year built, schools, average utilities, and lot size.

Close the Deal

Learn to recognize when a prospective buyer indicates they like the property and nudge them to make a decision at that point. Also know when they are already sold and do not keep talking; doing so can talk them right back out of it again.

Condition of Property

Assess your property’s curb appeal as it relates to others that have sold. What did they have that perhaps you are lacking? A buyer often chooses a home for what they see in the first minute or two of the tour, so make that first impression count. Do all repairs before showing the property, but don’t discuss them with buyers. It does no good to tell a buyer what you plan to do as few can visualize the “after” picture.


Get an inspection done prior to showing the property; never let a buyer walk around with the inspector if you can help it. They will get the report, of course, but they will not watch the inspector as he spots every little flaw.


Get back in contact with every person that has viewed your property. Keep your property fresh in their mind, especially if they are looking at many homes. Remind them of the things they liked about your property. Contact is especially important once a contract has been written up as a way to circumvent buyer’s remorse.

Additionally, if dealing with prospective buyers is creating a roadblock to getting your property sold, consider retaining a professional’s service to work with buyers.