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Are there still room for small investors going into the US?

Large corporates are snapping up distressed homes in the thousands nationwide. In some targeted markets where there are more than one of these institutional investors competing each other, first-time buyers are being squeezed out. However, at the same time, they help lift those weaker housing markets on the road to recovery. “Even though housing is the biggest sector in the U.S. economy, there are very few ways for institutional or individual investors to play it,” said Andy Richard, managing director in the Real Estate investment banking group at Credit Suisse. “So when you talk about all the institutional money that’s flowing into the space, No. 1 is that people want exposure to the asset class because prices have bottomed. And from a portfolio point of view, housing has cycles and hot buttons that are different from other sectors, so there’s a lot of interest on the part of investors.” Private equity firms and banks started adding single-family homes to their portfolios five years ago at the very peak of the real estate collapse. They became even more aggressive when Fannie … Continue reading

The Imminent Arrival of the Institutional Investors

In recent months, it is apparent that more and more large US firms have gone house hunting! These companies from New York and California started to appear at foreclosure auctions. They carry plastic folders crammed with cashiers' checks, because auction house only accepts cash and astonish locals with how much they are prepared to pay.     "Everybody is in Atlanta right now — they're following the distressed market," Tom Ruff, managing director of AZ Bidder LLC, a Phoenix-based firm that buys foreclosed homes for investors that expanded to Georgia. Renting a house was 57 percent more expensive than owning in Atlanta in August, the same as a year earlier, according to Trulia Inc. Higher rents make it more profitable for private equity firms to buy and lease properties to tenants, many of whom don't have the necessary credit score or down payment to finance a purchase. As more investors buy properties at auction, banks are listing fewer foreclosed homes on the open market, helping to drive up prices and competition for the diminishing pool of distressed homes, said Les … Continue reading

US Home Prices Post Biggest Jump in Two Years


With reference to the S&P/Case-Shiller index, the latest reading shows prices up 4.3% in October 2012 according to the index compared to a year earlier – the best improvement since May 2010. This rise comes as there are numerous other signs of housing market recovery in recent months. A blend of near record-low mortgage rates, lower unemployment and a drop in foreclosures to a five-year low indicates that there are more buyers interested in purchasing fewer available homes in the inventory. That in turn has lifted prices. What's in 2013 …<Content protected for Premium members only. >… Join the forum discussion on this post

Fields Dr, Georgia, United States

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Bellwood, Georgia, United States

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Warren Buffet says Single Family Rental Homes are the most attractive asset class today


Click here if you can’t view the video on your device. Warren Buffet, the world’s most respected billionaire investor said on CNBC recently that single family rental homes are about the most attractive asset class that you can invest in today’s market. He also said if he has a way of buying a couple hundred thousands single family homes, he would.   Watch the CNBC video clip now and find out why: Then read on to see why you should not miss this!   If Warren Buffet says it, Donald Trump says it and Robert Kiyosaki says it, there must be something about it that they can see and most others can’t. This once in a lifetime opportunity window is now widely opened for YOU. The next step is for you to TAKE ACTION. Be warned that this opportunity window may not last forever. Too often people took too long to understand what is really going on. And before they realized, the opportunity is long gone. >> Don’t be trapped by the average thinking herd mentality! << Don’t let opportunities … Continue reading